Firm Bio

UrbanGreen is a multi-disciplinary practice for new cities and metropolises, covering activities from sustainable design, urban design, architecture, and interior.

UrbanGreen sees it important to plan and design cities and buildings sustainably. At city scale, we advocate smart growth and an urban design that embraces ethics, ecology, environment, and energy. At building scale, we apply environmental sustainable designs, innovative building technologies and benchmark our design against contemporary building best practices. We provide LEED and LOTUS certification service for building and master plan.

UrbanGreen values the client-architect relationship and embraces client’s input in the design process to ensure our design delivers and reflects their concerns, from planning, building design, to management. On the other hand, we liason closely with local authority to ensure projects develop harmoniously and benefit the community and the society at large.

Our practice has 30 years of experience with diverse professional capabilities to deliver projects of various sizes and complexities, from small master plan to large scale, world-class communities. We connect to an established network of North American professionals (architects, planners, real estate managers, engineers, green consultants) to draw on their expertise on a case-to-case basis in order to bring to our clients the most appropriate advice.